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Pronounced "Key" to Golf
What is Possible with Ki To Golf

Confidence   /   Visualization  /   Focus  /      Discipline  /   Patience  /   Positive Self-Image /     Flow / Feel / Staying in the Present /

Relaxing Under pressure

K  I  T  O  G  O  L  F

The World is Your Course

4 principles
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Four Principles to a More Powerful Mind and Better Golf

Your path to a more peaceful and powerful mind and game can be achieved by following four simple principles. By following these principles you will experience a world where your mind and body work together while playing the game you love. This website is designed to help you understand and practice these principles in every aspect of your game. When you follow these principles, the WORLD becomes YOUR course.  Read More...

Why the Mind Matters

"You can win tournaments when you're mechanical, but golf is a game of emotion and adjustment. If you're not aware of what's happening to your mind and your body when you're playing, you'll never be able to be the very best you can be."

Jack Nicklaus
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