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The Inner Game of Golf, Timothy Gallwey

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Understanding the Inner Game is a pre-requisite to performing to your true potential on the course. Mr. Gallwey explains how self-discovery is often the best way to learn...

First published in 1979, Gallwey's Inner Game of Golf was a pioneer book on how a person interacts with his own Self while playing sports and other performance-related activities. His Inner Game concepts have been applied to nearly every activity we do.

“As a player learns to reduce the mental interference with his golf, he stands to reduce his golf handicap significantly, but also the ways in which he handicaps himself in the performance of every activity in his life. As he gains a measure of self-control he wins a measure of freedom.”

The Inner Game of Golf is a fantastically simple book that identifies the games we play with ourselves in our search for mastery. It gives easy to apply strategies to not only combat the anxiety that goes along with the difficulties of the game of golf but also shows us how to consciously choose the game we wish to play, giving us a freedom from the constraints that we create for ourselves.

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