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Ki in Daily Life, Koichi Tohei

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Your life is your monastery....

This book is a must if you wish to understand the principles that are presented and developed in KiToGolf. Tohei Sensei expertly explains his Four Fundamental Principles and demonstrates how to apply them to every situation in your daily life.

“I began studying aikido because I saw that Ueshiba Sensei had truly mastered the art of relaxing. It was because he was relaxed, in fact, that he could generate so much power.”

It is by applying these principles that you will be able to tap into the powers of a mind and body unified, allowing you to discover a confidence in your self that will transcend your self-identity and allow you to play the golf of your dreams.

Four Principles

Relax, Keep One Point, Keep Weight Underside and Extend Ki. These four principles alone will transform your approach to golf more than anything you have ever tried.

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